【How to cook】日本食の作り方を英語で説明する – オムライス編





How to cook Omelet rice(オムライスの作り方)

Ingredients for two servings(2人前の材料)

For Chicken rice

  • 300 glams cooked rice(炊いたお米:300g)
  • 80~100 glams chicken thigh(鶏もも肉:80~100g)
  • 1/4 onion(玉ねぎ:1/4個)
  • 4 tablespoons tomato ketchup(ケチャップ:大さじ4)
  • 1 tablespoon butter(バター:大さじ1)
  • some salt and pepper(塩コショウ:適量)

For Omelet

  • 4 eggs(卵:4個)
  • some salt and pepper(塩コショウ:適量)
  • some vegetable oil(サラダ油:適量)

1. How to cut ingredients(材料の切り方)

Cut the chicken thigh into diced.

Cut the onion into chopped.

2. How to cook chicken rice(チキンライスの作り方)

Heat the pan over a medium heat and add butter to the pan.

Put the chicken and onion to the pan and saute.

When the chicken gets brown and the onion becomes translucent, add salt and pepper and saute again.

Add rice to the pan and saute again.

Add ketchup and cook saute together.

When it is evenly coated with ketchup., it’s ready to eat chicken rice!

3. How to cook omelet rice(オムライスの作り方)

Beat eggs and add salt and pepper in a bowl.

Heat the pan over a medium heat and add oil to the pan.

Spread the half of egg mixture and make a round omelet to the pan.

Turn off the heat when the center of the egg is half-ripened.

Place half the amount of chicken rice slightly in front of the center of the egg.

Gently lift the egg in the back and cover it on chicken rice.

Shape it using the edge of the pan.

Flip it over onto a plate carefully.

Cook another serving of the same.

Put some ketchup on top and it’s ready to eat!

Tips on how to cook(その他のオススメ情報)

  • You can change chicken thighs to chicken breasts or canned tuna etc..(鶏もも肉は鶏胸肉やツナ缶などに変更してもGood!)
  • I personally recommend half-ripened eggs.(卵は半熟がオススメです)
  • Demi-glace sauce and white sauce are also delicious as the last sauce to sprinkle instead of ketchup.(ケチャップの代わりにデミグラスソースやホワイトソースをかけても美味しいです)


I introduced how to cook omelet rice.
If you are interested why don’t you try to cook it!